What Is Creative Reading Competition In UAE?

Creative Reading Competition In UAE
Creative Reading Competition In UAE

For a specified amount of time, reading challenges provide a community of readers with a set of common objectives. They usually focus on particular groups of people, such as elementary school pupils in the neighborhood school system, and offer objectives and rewards to motivate the intended audience to monitor their reading.

By incorporating books and Assignment Help Dubai into your daily routine, you and your kid can truly enhance your child’s learning capacity through the reading challenge—beyond the stickers and rewards. In addition to the work being done by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, this competition seeks to promote reading among schoolchildren and the general public, as well as a passion for information.

The department employs a strategy that emphasizes Arabic’s critical role as a hub for thought and culture, fosters reading creativity, draws attention to children’s literature, enhances the literary landscape, and disseminates cultural and societal values among society’s members.

How The Contest Operates:

First Tier:

  • The Chevron Readers’ Cup 2024 preliminary round book list has officially been revealed. Kindly refer to this list of books.
  • The school forms student teams, with a maximum of four members per team.
  • Up to two teams in Primary (up to age 11) and up to two teams in Secondary (age 12 to 16) may be entered by each school or branch.
  • Starting on September 4, 2023, schools can register their teams online using the form below.
  • The dates for the first round for each age group will be included in the confirmation email you will get after registering.
  • October 2, 2023, is the deadline for teams to register.
  • Bookshops across the United Arab Emirates carry the books.
  • Before the first round, all enrolled teams will receive an email with the link to the Round One questions and the virtual round protocol.
  • Written quizzes covering the three novels will make up the first set of questions.
  • All participating schools will get an email notifying the finalists.
  • Following the conclusion of the first round, all teams will immediately receive Certificates of Participation via email.

Last Round:

  • The 20 teams with the highest points in each age category compete against one another in the Chevron Readers’ Cup finals.
  • Teams that have advanced to the finals will receive an email informing their school coordinators of the two extra books that need to be ready for the round of 16.
  • In late January or early February 2024, at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the finals will be held.
  • The questions will be read aloud to the students during the exams, and they will type or write their responses.
  • There will be reviews of the three novels from the first round in addition to questions covering the two new works.
  • The award-giving service for each age gathering will occur in late January or early February 2024, following the finish of the Emirates Aircraft Celebration of Writing’s last round.


The teams who place first overall in each age category will get:

  • A trophy given to each school that wins
  • For each winning team, a book voucher of AED 1000 may be redeemed at Mag Rudy’s bookstores
  • A medal for each member of the team
  • At the ceremony, the teams in second and third place will be recognized and given:

List Of Available Public Books Under Maktaba:

  • Library Of Al Bahia:

With an emphasis on children’s literature and young adult novels, this public library in Abu Dhabi is located next to a beautifully landscaped park and has 18,385 volumes in both Arabic and English. Children’s stories, book signings, art exhibits, National Day, and back-to-school activities are among the events.

  • Library At Khalifa Park:

When you visit this public library in Abu Dhabi, you can expect to find about 50,000 titles in well-chosen collections that span a variety of academic disciplines in both Arabic and English.

  • Library Of Al Marfa:

There are no fewer than 20,223 titles in this Abu Dhabi public library, along with collections of Arabic and other language publications.

  • Saudi Arabian Library:

The Abu Dhabi public library is very pleasing. The classic fort-style structure has gathering spaces for events, a children’s area, study retreats, and publications in both Arabic and English.

  • Al Ain’s Zayed Central Library:

There are at least 136,000 books in both Arabic and English at this Abu Dhabi library, which is present in Al Ain. In addition, there are study retreats and conference rooms where activities can be conducted for kids.

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